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Contus Fly – A Reaydmade Solution to Build Instant Messaging App

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Contus Fly is an instant messaging app building solution. It is engineered considering the growing need for enterprises, online stores, social circles and private users to have a secure, scalable and flexible chat app.

One App, Many Possibilities

The highlight about Contus Fly is that it provides the ability to do more than just chat. It is integrated with upscale collaboration facilities through voice calling, video calling, group chat, video conferencing, file/media sharing, geo-location sharing, etc.

It comes equipped with push notifications that alert users about new incoming messages, reminders, alerts, group invites, etc. even when they are offline. It also has an in-built search functionality which makes it easy to search and find anything specific to messages, files, group conversations, etc.

Scalability at its Best

Contus Fly runs on the cloud giving administrators full control to add or remove members as required. Further, there is also the provision to increase or decrease the total user as needed. Cloud connectivity ensures that media storage never face storage issues.

Upscale Tech Stack

The tech stack that powers Contus Fly is handpicked to mimic the finest of chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and the likes. Ejabberd is used for server while Erlang is the language used to program the app solution. Amazon Web Services take care of media storage while MySQL undertakes database management.

Contus Fly can be customized to work consistently across all operating systems and devices.

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