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Food Travel 8 Apps & Tools You Need to Have

Food Travel: 8 Apps & Tools You Need to Have

My wife and I poured over Yelp and TripAdvisor reviews trying to find the perfect restaurant for our last night in Rome. Finally, we found a place suitable for our farewell...

Carrot adds new features to its comically malicious AI weather app

Carrot Weather is part of developer Brian Mueller’s series of useful productivity tool apps. If you’ve never used one of Mueller’s Carrot apps, there’s one core conceit to all of them: each app...
Apps That Every Businessman

Apps That Every Businessman Should Know About

You are probably intrigued by the title and you are thinking: “What’s now! I already know everything I should know about!” Maybe, but these are some rare species of business apps...

Popular To-Do App Wunderlist Shutting Down, Here Are 5 Fantastic Alternatives

Big companies have the habit of taking over popular startups and branding their own names on them. This has happened to a lot of upcoming companies and apps and the same...

Useful Apps Every Small Business Should Try

A correspondent, problem solver, accounting expert, creative director; running a small business demands you to get your feet wet with different roles. If you want to amplify the productivity of your...
Digital Purchase Order Apps

Digital Purchase Order Apps, synchronizing you anywhere – DPO App

Digital Purchase Order makes the purchasing workflow much more simple and streamlined. The app version of this product realizes that purchasing managers and decision makers are not always able to be...
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Best Paid Apps For You’ll Want to Pay For iPhone or...

If you're the proud new owner of an iPhone or iPad, you're probably working your way through iOS, trying to figure out what Apple's...