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Thursday, October 19, 2017


The Best Productivity Apps for mobile devices in 2017

Google Now Siri’s Google alternative is getting smarter and smarter at being your little digital assistant (or friend, depending on how much you love your device). It’s worth a download, especially if you’re using a lot of other Google apps. Photomath This app could not be easier...

Carrot adds new features to its comically malicious AI weather app

Carrot Weather is part of developer Brian Mueller’s series of useful productivity tool apps. If you’ve never used one of Mueller’s Carrot apps, there’s one core conceit to all of them: each app features an AI character named Carrot who, to put it simply, rather dramatically...

Paper Tips: How to Choose the Right Paper

Everything begins on the paper. The virtual reality of it, the detailing of the plan, smooth plain upon which the pen rubs to give-off the edges of the desired goal- all of it starts on the paper. The elegance of the hand-made sheet is...

Top 5 Best Mobile Apps for Your Job Search in India

Gone are the days when you had to visit so many placement offices to apply for a good job or had to sit for a long time in the front of computers or laptop. The technology is bringing lots of new techniques every day....

10 of the best racing games for Android, iPhone and iPad

Racing cars
Racing is one of the genres that many people assume works best on a console or PC with a joypad – or a wheel peripheral if you’re feeling flash. Yet plenty of developers have been taking the genre to mobile devices too. Some draw heavily...

10 Smart Home Apps That Make You Want the Apple Watch

Remember all of the hype surrounding the Apple Watch? At least 1.5 million of you certainly do. That’s how many of the wearable devices were pre-sold before the actual April 24 release date. Well, the Apple Watch is readily available now, but some of...
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The Ten Best Android Wearable Apps

Android wear, the torch bearer and the very first platform for wearable tech may have had a rocky start, but with many bugs and...